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Old Photo Restoration Software is special software that allows users to restore old photos that have become damaged for some reason. This software makes it possible to eliminate scratches and spots from images to make them look like new. However, users will need to have a scanner in order to use Old Photo Restoration Software, while the software is not always reliable.

Old Photo Restoration Software helps retouching, removing spots, scratches and other imperfections.

The major function of Old Photo Restoration Software is improving the quality of old scanned photos. Comprehensive picture restoration includes improving color brightness and contrast, tuning sharpness, removing various unwanted objects and cleaning from scratches, bends and other defects. All these options are packed in a highly intuitive user interface that will not cause problems even for users without retouching skills.

It is possible to restore old photos either automatically or adjusting each option manually. It is important, if a user wants to improve the quality of scanned shots, but still wants to preserve the feeling of an ‘old photo’. It is possible to make a photo much brighter, if it has lost the color intensity with the time

The most of alternative solutions for restoring old shots offer only automatic auto-adjustment option that doesn’t output the desired result. In Old Photo Restoration Software you can restore image in different ways, from clearing imperfections to adjusting the colors. And all these settings are extremely easy to use by non-professionals in retouching. Additionally you can remove the unwanted person or object from the photo.


  • Removes scratches and spots
  • Enables retouching of images
  • Can add certain effects
  • Free trial available


  • Only works with selected photos
  • Requires a scanner
  • Restoration can take time
  • Can be rather tricky


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Old Photo Restoration Software


Old Photo Restoration Software 4.1 for PC


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